Mona Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports grassroots initiatives focused on sustainable education and raising the status of women and children around the world. They believe that universal education, gender equality, and community building are the cornerstones of the eradication of poverty, disease, and conflict. These three principles have led to a record of success in providing quality education for more than 150,000 students annually.

While many foundations are seed funders – supporting projects that have a beginning and an end, Mona Foundation develops long-term relationships with locally operated organizations and provides multi-year funding (six years on average). When they adopt a project, they stay with it for the long term, because change happens over a long period of time and this approach gives the organization stability and the ability to plan for growth. Mona Foundation has helped several grass roots initiatives grow from humble beginnings (such as tutorial schools under trees) to recognized educational institutions, including three that are now universities.

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